About us

We are academic scientists in our education.
We read medical studies and translate them into plain English.
For ordinary people to read and gain valuable information.
That they can implement in their daily lives.
There are a vast amount of important, groundbreaking medical researches out there in cyberspace.
Those researches might be abandoned and forgotten if they are not promoted properly. Some of those medical researches allow our body to heal itself. But with no publication and marketing efforts – they are not getting the attention they deserve and people can’t benefit from their findings.

And here we step in. We are reading many studies regarding a health problem and pick the best promising studies. We “translate” them to plain English and upload them on this website. After processing, we assemble a conclusion article. Which brings ways and recipes to allow the body to heal itself.
We amend the article with information of possible western medicine treatments and their side-effects.We sell these articles for a small fee to allow us to make a living while doing this important task.

Armed with this information, you can make an appointment with your medical doctor. Make him think and get better results from the appointment and conventional medicine.  While having some alternative ways to cope with your illness.

Currently, we are focusing on the human digestive system. When we finished we will proceed to other medical problems.

If you want to get in touch, please email Michael.