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Diverticulosis Articles

Diverticulitis vs diverticulosis.

Diverticular disease is a complex of illnesses affecting a weakened digestive system. It starts when a person consumes too much unhealthy diet like fatty fast food or processed ingredients. Over many years, the walls of the bowels get very weak and start to form “pockets” or “pouches.” This is the stage of diverticulosis (from the…

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Remedies for diverticulitis pain.

aloe vera leaves

Diverticulitis is the more serious form of diverticular disease. It is already a full-blown inflammation and is most likely an emergency which requires hospitalization. To treat it, conventional medicine relies mostly on pharmacecobbtical drugs to fight off the infection and inflammation. But it is important to remember that diverticular disease can not be totally cured.…

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What are the foods to avoid for patients with diverticulosis?

People with diverticulosis have a very weak digestive system. That is why their bowels are forming ‘pockets’ or ‘pouches.’ The short-term goal is to prevent this condition from getting worse and severely impacting our daily life. The long-term goal is to strengthen the intestines so the pouches will be closed. So at the minimum, a…

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Can diverticulitis cause an upset stomach?

The quick answer is – Yes!  By its very name, diverticulitis causes more than just stomach pain. It already is a serious inflammation. (Words or terms with “-itis” at the end means inflammation. Whatever part of the body is referred to has an inflammation). But before this happens, the condition has to start from ‘Diverticulosis’.…

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Treatment for Diverticulosis

Western medicine doesn’t have effective treatments for Diverticulosis. Its treatment is to give antibiotics in case of Diverticulitis inflammation. If an intestine section became rotten. This medicine knows how to cut out the rotten part. To deal with any illness require to know what causes it. Once we know the root cause we can cope…

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