The MD-prepare service provides information on a certain illness.
The information is theoretical in nature. Reviewing various health-related issues.

However, we are not medical doctors. This site and content therein should not be viewed as representing the “medical profession”. As defined by law and as it operates in “The healthcare system” institutions and clinics today.

Our service does not replace the diagnosis, treatment, and advice of licensed medical professionals. The service we provide is giving you background information. Information that will allow you to prepare yourself for your next Medical Doctor appointment, make him think, and get the most out of it. You should not consider the information presented here as medical advice or medical treatment. Information on the site should never be considered as a recommendation for a break or change in any (ongoing or planned) medical treatment by the licensed medical professionals.


By purchasing the service of remote counseling, I (the Advisee) agree to accept the site’s exemption clause. And agree to the terms of service statement as follows:

“I (the Advisee) am aware that MD-prepare cannot recognize my lifestyle and health status – the recipient of the service (whether it is for me or someone else).

It is clear to me that any information I receive is for general educational purposes only. Any action I choose to make – in connection with the information I receive – is my personal and full responsibility.

In addition, it is clear to me that any information I receive (Including any recommendations, advice, treatment plan, information, link, etc., written or oral) during counseling does not constitute medical treatment. Nor intended to replace medical treatment.

It is clear to me that it is my responsibility to consult with my attending physician regarding any advice I receive. Or any action I will take. Following the consultation I have requested.

This is especially true in the event that they contradict any (ongoing or planned) medical treatment.

Any information I receive from the MD-prepare website is under copyright law. I will not distribute it over the internet.”


The need for such a disclaimer is due to a legal and political situation. Which gives agencies and representatives associated with conventional medicine the exclusive right to a variety of recovery and healing activities. Such as the provision of substances called “drugs” or the injection of substances into a person’s body.

This legal and political situation means that sites such as this, and the people behind them, who present information that can be useful for people’s health, may suffer harassment, slander, prosecutions, and other disruptive actions by the relevant authorities such as the Ministry of Health. If they think such sites “mislead the public” by presenting a “healing” capacity.

So, please read this disclaimer carefully.

Privacy policy:

We do not keep your personal details nor records of the correspondence between us and our customers. (For privacy reasons).

If you want to get back to us after your initial order, you should forward us any relevant documentation you have from our previous correspondence. So we will be able to get right to the point of our previous correspondence.