Diverticulitis flare up: First-Aid

Most people come here after feeling a sudden pain reminding them of a diverticulitis inflammation they had. 

It is a strong pain in the lower belly, sometimes radiating towards the back. It can be a sharp pain. It can be noticeable pain that can last for hours.
The pain can be scary and can indicate a problem.

During the diverticulitis episode, they had to take strong antibiotics to eradicate it. Sometimes at a hospital.

If this is your case – please check your body temperature. If you have a fever, then stop reading and seek immediate medical attention.

If your body temperature is normal, then you probably just got an “early warning”. That tells you something is wrong. You should use this early warning to treat your digestive tract and prevent escalation to a full diverticulitis inflammation. 

20% of people who have had Diverticulitis will have recurring episodes. Each episode brings them closer to resection surgery.

First-Aid for diverticulitis flare-up contains:

  • Aloe-Vera Potion to lubricate and sanitize the intestines.
  • Recipe of nature’s antibiotics.
  • Vegetable Juice that will sustain your body while fasting.
  • Cookies that reduce pain and heal.

Taking it in your diet can make your intestines stronger with fewer flare-up pains.
Reducing the risk of Diverticulitis emergencies.

Click here to read the Aloe Vera potion recipe.
We are getting good feedback from our customers. Most tell us that it helped them.
Here is the feedback Dawn gave us:

Hello Celle,

Yes, your booklet was very interesting & informative.

My first attack ever of Diverticulitis was April ( thought it was food poisoning).

2nd Attack ( worse & severe ).

What I’ve learned:

  1. Aloe Vera Juice – never had it before, but tastes wonderful & awesome in prevention ( no attack in 12 weeks ).
    I drink it everyday now.
  2. Honey (table spoon at breakfast & dinner )
  3. Yogurt ( Activia Plain – billion pro-biotics) – one cup a day per my doctor.
  4. Psyllium ( every am before breakfast ) – love it with flaxseed ( Organic Fibrelife ).
  5. More fiber ( make main portions of meals )
  6. Water – keep hydrated.
  7. Exercise / keep active.

Thank you,


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Diverticulitis flare up: First-Aid

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The MD prepare team

We are academic researchers that sit long hours reading herbal and medical researches such as this one.

Many medical studies are lost, many times because of a lack of a financial incentive. So people are deprived of vital beneficial information that can be very useful with their health.

During our researches, we sometimes find diamonds. Information that people can use to cope with their health problems. We polish those diamonds and present them in a way that most people can understand and use.

At MD Prepare, we strive to identify the root causes of the disease. Once you know what the root causes are, it can be dealt with in various ways.

What causes diverticulitis flare up?

Diverticulitis flare up occurs when food is trapped in intestine pouches. The trapped food starts to rot – creating a large bacteria colony feeding on it. This colony presents a threat to the body, which responds by creating inflammation to eradicate it.

The short-term solution is to help the body expel the trapped food. The long term solution is to strengthen the intestine tissues to prevent new pouches creation.

Being “moderately” healthy is far better than the best medical treatment you can get.

How to prevent diverticulitis flare up again?

Lucky for us, the digestive tract is a dynamic system where things are in motion.

We can use some herbs known for decades that have a healing impact on it.

We can use “vegetarian sausages” – natural sausages rich in fiber that will pass through the intestines and scoop things out of them.

What should you eat when you get Diverticulitis early warning?

First, you should listen to your body. It will tell you. Sometimes, it will tell you to be fasting. Sometimes, it will tell you to lie down in a certain position.

In the first aid booklet we bring some diet recipes that can make a big difference.
A recipe for using nature’s antibiotics that will help your body deal with inflammation and can prevent aggravation to a medical emergency.

The booklet includes a recipe for vegetable juice that will keep you well-nourished and is easy to digest. You will be able to avoid eating anything else until you feel better.
This allows the body to focus its energy on fighting diverticulitis.

Aloe Vera potion recipe allows to lubricate and disinfect the intestines. The lubrication allows the feces to slide out easily.

Hospitalization for several days costs thousands of dollars. In these days of Covid-19, it’s better not to even get there…

The cost of the booklet is only $ 10. A purchase that may save you from hospital treatment.

Simply put, you can buy a cup of coffee at a coffee shop, or you can:

  1. Use herbal recipes to reduce your pain.
  2. Lubricate the intestines and allow them to empty.
  3. Disinfect your intestines.
  4. Go on with your life.

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Diverticulitis flare up: First-Aid

Value booklet at a cup of coffee price

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You can get veterinarian recipes from the booklet to your email address.
It will allow you to be fasting for several days without discomfort.

Please note:

This booklet does not replace medical treatment!