Diverticulitis flare up: First-Aid

Contains several home-made herbal recipes that:

  1. Relieve constipation.
  2. Prevent inflammation.
  3. Soothe pain.


Diverticulitis means intestine inflammation that can be a serious illness. Trapped food in intestine “pockets” starts to rot – triggering the immune system reaction. Sever inflammation needs emergency treatment in a hospital.  Strong antibiotics are given to eradicate the germs population developing in the intestine’s pocket.

If you have strong pain and fever, then please seek immediate medical treatment.

If you are just getting a diverticulitis “reminder”, you should read on as this may help you.

Diverticulitis pain

Strong pain in the lower belly, sometimes radiating towards the back. It can be a sharp pain. It can be noticeable pain that can last for hours.

People with active diverticulitis can’t stand upright.

The pain can be scary and can indicate a problem.

In Diverticulitis “reminder” situation:

  • We can use some herbal diet that lubricates and sanitize the intestines.
  • The lubrication allows the waste to glitch out easily.
  • Using herbs that are known for centuries to help digestion problems.
  • Herbs that may already be in your kitchen.
  • Being “moderately” healthy is far better than the best medical treatment.

The First-Aid contains:

  • Proper toilet posture to empty your bowels without straining.
  • Potion to lubricate and sanitize the intestines, allowing it to recover and expels remains.
  • Cookies that reduce pain and heal.
  • Potion recipe of Ginger and Turmeric. Allowing you to take a high dose of it.


Taking it in your diet can make your intestines stronger with fewer flare-up pain.
Reducing the risk of Diverticulitis emergency situation.

We are getting good feedback from our customers. Most tell us that it helped them.
Here is the feedback Dawn gave us:

Hello Celle,

Yes, your booklet was very interesting & informative.

My first attack ever of Diverticulitis was April ( thought it was food poisoning). 

2nd Attack ( worse & severe ).

After using your booklet – no attack in 12 weeks!

Thank you,


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Diverticulitis flare up: First-Aid

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This booklet does not replace medical treatment!