Prevent Diverticulitis flare-up

People with active Diverticulitis inflammation often need emergency medical treatment using strong antibiotics in a hospital. This puts their lives on hold for weeks on end.

20% of the Diverticulosis patients who had active diverticulitis will have recurring episodes of Diverticulitis inflammation. These recurrent episodes bring them closer to the operation of resection of part of the intestine.

It is best to prevent a flare-up of diverticulitis before it reaches an acute state.

So how do you prevent a flare-up of diverticulitis? 

Luckily, we have some herbal recipes and behavior methods to improve bowel operations.
These recipes can reduce pain, disinfect and prevent intestine flare up

The MD prepare team

We are academic researchers that sit long hours reading herbal and medical researches such as this one.

Many medical studies are lost, many times because of a lack of a financial incentive. So people are deprived of vital beneficial information that can be very useful with their health.

During our researches, we sometimes find diamonds. Information that people can use to cope with their health problems. We polish those diamonds and present them in a way that most people can understand and use.

At MD Prepare, we strive to identify the root causes of the disease. Once you know what the root causes are, it can be dealt with in various ways.

The First-Aid booklet contains:

  • Proper toilet posture to empty your bowels without straining.
  • Potion to lubricate and disinfect the intestines, allowing it to recover and empty residues.
  • Cookies recipe that reduce pain and heal.
  • Potion recipe of Ginger and Turmeric. Allowing you to take a high dose of it.

Taking it in your diet can make your intestines stronger with fewer flare-up pains.
Reducing the risk of Diverticulitis emergency.

The first aid is the result of extensive research. It has been used by dozens of customers. Most of them reported that it helped them. Those results can’t be achieved by using random internet recipes.

Hospitalization for several days costs thousands of dollars. In these days of Covid-19, it’s better not to even get there…

The cost of the booklet is only $ 10. A purchase that may save you the hospital treatment.

Simply put, you can buy a cup of coffee at a coffee shop, or you can:

  1. Use herbal recipes to reduce your pain.
  2. Grease the intestines and allow them to empty.
  3. Disinfect your intestines.
  4. To go on with your life.

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Some questions people ask:

What is a digital booklet?
A digital booklet is a booklet that is in a pdf file. You can get it immediately. You can print it on your printer or read it on your cell phone/ computer screen.

Is there a warranty?
The booklet should help you in less than two weeks.
If the first-aid booklet did not help you within four weeks, you can let us know and you will receive a full refund. No questions asked.
(We do not encounter this too often).

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We are getting good feedback from our customers. Most tell us that it helped them.
Here is the feedback Dawn gave us:

Hello Celle,

Yes, your booklet was very interesting & informative.

My first attack ever of Diverticulitis was April ( thought it was food poisoning). 

2nd Attack ( worse & severe ).

After using the recipes in the booklet – no attack in 12 weeks!

Thank you,


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Diverticulitis flare up: First-Aid

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Please note:

This booklet does not replace medical treatment!