Preventing Diverticulitis Booklet

Remember the "good old days" when you didn't even know you had a bowel?

Want to get some of them back?

By using the "Mazor" method you might be able to regain some of them back.

The "Mazor" method aims to identify the root causes of illnesses.

Once we know what the root causes are, we can confront them in various ways.

The root cause of diverticular disease

Weak intestinal tissues buckle under pressure and deform into pouches.

This illness is called "Diverticulosis".
Digested food can get trapped in those pouches and begin to rot - causing inflammation.

This inflammation is called “diverticulitis”. A life-threatening condition that requires immediate medical treatment in a hospital.


Weak intestines and pressure are the root causes of diverticulosis. To lessen the illness, we need to cope with it.

Ways to cope with the root causes presented in the booklet

Prevent pressure: Most people use the wrong toilet posture which requires pressure. This pressure can create pouches in weak places. Get your stool here.

Weak Intestines: Vitamins protocol that supplies the body with the ingredients it needs to produce strong tissues.

First aid: intestine lubrication potion recipe. The lubrication allows the waste to glitch out easily. Click here to read it.

What is the connection between vitamins and minerals to strong intestines?

When you cut your skin, your body passes some steps and in a week or two, the cut is healed. (Small scare might be left though).

Some people like diabetes patients get their wounds healed very slowly and imperfectly. Because of the high sugar level in their blood.

Most of us have an improper diet. We eat too much meat and dairy products and fewer herbs (vegetables and fruits). Vitamins and minerals deficiency prevents the body from creating strong tissues in the place of the wounds and it needs to revert to "plan B" for emergencies.

Lucky us - we know how to augment the needed ingredients without changing our diet.


The MD-prepare service

We are academic researchers that sit long hours reading herbal and medical researches such as this one.

Many medical studies are lost, many times because of a lack of a financial incentive. So people are deprived of vital beneficial information that can be very useful with their health.

During our researches, we sometimes find diamonds. Information that people can use to cope with their health problems. We polish those diamonds and present them in a way that most people can understand and use.

In MD Prepare, we aim to identify the root causes of illness. Once we know the root cause we can tackle it in various ways.

Then, we write a booklet for a specific condition. The booklet includes information:

  1. The root cause(s) of the health problem.
  2. Ways to cope with the root cause.
  3. Relevant conventional "Western Medicine" practices.
  4. Recipes and herbal supplements.

The Preventing Diverticulitis Booklet:

Preventing Diverticulitis 3D@0,5x

Contains the following information:

  1. Protocol for strengthening the intestine.
  2. Recipes to soothe inflamed bowels.
  3. Proper diet.
  4. Herbs and anti-inflammatory probiotics.

At the price of a pizza, you can buy important information that you will use in your daily life.

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Preventing Diverticulitis 3D@0,5x

Preventing Diverticulitis Booklet

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After reading the booklet you will know:

  1. How to strengthen your bowels to reduce the risk of diverticulitis.
  2. Which herbs and nutritional supplements to use to improve your condition.
  3. How to relieve pain using herbal painkiller recipe.
  4. Food to eat and what to avoid.

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Preventing Diverticulitis 3D@0,5x

Preventing Diverticulitis Booklet

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A person with Diverticulosis

Feels bloated, has gas. The toilet habit is affected. Feels a pain that comes and goes. Loses appetite.

His life surrounds food, secretions, and pains.
He has low energy and vigor which affects his quality of life.

Unhandled, thirty percent of Diverticulitis patients will need surgery to cut off damaged intestine fragments.

However: it's not a decree of fate!

By changing some small habits, a person with Diverticulosis can significantly improve his quality of life.

Feeding your body with needed vitamins and minerals allows it to produce strong tissues. While strengthening the immune system.

In our booklet, we offer several solutions that can be applied easily and effectively.

Following those solutions will reduce your risk of having Diverticulitis inflammation.

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