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Proposal for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) research

I first came across this disease several years ago when my mother-in-law was admitted to the Department of Health’s respiratory ward after her lung function collapsed. There was a young woman in her twenties with sad eyes sitting there in the living room. Her father would come and play her flute. I asked her how is she when I came and she answered me with glances.

ALS is a terrible disease. The patients are trapped inside their bodies and lose the ability to exercise their muscles. Finally, they lose their ability to breathe. Some manage to operate a computer with their eyes. Others do not. Today, patient’s lives can be extended using artificial ventilation. Their quality of life is difficult to improve.

Currently, researches in this field are about genetic mapping or drug search. In my opinion, this is the wrong direction. Genetic mapping can find a population group with a high probability of contracting the disease. The result of such a study will allow parents to have an abortion if the fetus is a carrier of the genes. I currently see no further benefits in such research. Searching for drugs is an early commercial activity at this time.

The correct direction, in my opinion, is to identify the disease generator (“root cause”). Once we know what the disease generator is, we will know how to deal with it one way or another. 

I am hereby honored to offer research aimed at identifying the root cause of als.



After defining the purpose of the research, we should mobilize the world and his wife for the subject. To achieve this, we should offer a suitable reward that will be a good incentive for people around the world to do the research.

A few years ago, Google offered a 10 million dollar prize to a civilian group coming to the outskirts of space. Following the prize offer, several groups around the world were established. The goal was achieved and the prize was distributed.

I believe we can turn to Google to announce a similar prize to researches that finds the root cause of the disease. It seems to me that an ALS patient after diagnosis can convince them to declare this award. Another option is to contact the world’s health offices and ask them to declare the award. The ROI, if we are successful, in the subject will be many times the cost.

Another option is to apply to the Nobel Prize Committee to declare a special award for this research.

Once we have found a suitable prize, there will be groups around the world starting the mission. I believe that within three years, promising results will be achieved.


In my education, I am a physicist. Here is my version on how to conduct such research:

Functional research proposal of ALS disease

Functional research comes from the software industry. One of the methods to test the software is in the configuration of a “black box”. Black box does not reveal the code. Testers Activate external “stimuli” on the software and check its responses.

In this case, I propose to conduct a study of ALS patients in their initial condition. In this stage, we can detect illness progression.

Subjects will be monitored with a unique muscle gauge which will indicate the progression/stopping/withdrawal of the disease. Putting the data on the graph, we will see the speed in which it occurs.

External stimulation will be applied to the patients to find a stimulation that changes the progression of the disease.

The first change I would make is using natural soap with vegetable oils. Today the commercial soaps are made of petrol fuel. The soap partially penetrates through the skin into the bloodstream.
Commercial soaps cause some people difficulty in breathing. I would test whether soap change effect on ALS patients.

Similarly, we will look at dietary changes.


I post this proposal on the site to see if a person willing to accept a challenge and initiate getting the rewarding prize.