The Mazor method

We are academic researchers who sit for long hours on the internet and read scientific, medical, herbal, and health studies.

We have found that the prevailing approach in medicine is sometimes wrong. Medicine today focuses on diagnosing and treating diseases. This approach leads to captive customers who are required to purchase medical products regularly. Sometimes for the rest of their lives. (“Chronic patients”).

This is due to focusing on the wrong thing: the disease.

We discovered that what is sick is our body. And he is also the one who heals himself. To achieve optimal health outcomes, we examine what pressures it and causes disease. Once we have discovered the pathogens, we can provide the body with the ammunition it needs to deal with the disease. Accordingly, we have developed the balm method designed to help the body heal itself.

The body has millions of years of experience in dealing with diseases successfully. When we provide the body with the ammunition it needs, it knows how to improve its level of health.

The body is made up of many things that need to live in harmony. Sometimes an injury to one thing creates a disease elsewhere in the body. Proper identification of the causative agent of the disease can lead to the restoration of the affected organ and the restoration of harmony to the body.

We at MD-prepare strive to see the big picture and find possible pathogens. Once we have found the pathogens, we research and find certain ways to deal with the pathogen. And this is the “Mazor Method” we have developed.

We discover and collect beneficial information. We pack it up in clear booklets that allow people to identify “their” pathogen. Next, we bring recipes designed to provide the body with the ammunition it needs to deal with the pathogen and heal itself.

The Mazor method does not help everybody. It does not help all people in the same way. 

So, we encourage our clients to use it gradually and make progress based on the body impact they feel. 

We usually offer a free recipe from a first-aid booklet aimed to alleviate pain. If the client does feel less painful he should buy the first-aid booklet. After the clients successfully deal with the pain, they can buy the preventing booklet showing them potential root causes and ways to cope with them.
So the risk of re-emergence of the disease will be reduced.

Some of our clients are so relieved, that they leave us warm testimonials on Google. We hope you will be in the same situation. 😊

Our mission is to find alternatives and some new ways that will increase people’s level of health. In our studies, we sometimes find powerful health methods that are not used due to a lack of financial incentives.

We have great satisfaction in helping some of our customers improve their health. Improving health conditions sometimes causes a dramatic change in the lives of those people who read our booklets. And use the recipes in them.