Who we are

Michael at cumin harvest
Michael at cumin harvest

Hello, my name is Michael.

I am a physicist and herbalist in my training. I graduated from the Technion University.
I am married and have two adult sons. I live in Haifa, Israel.

I am dealing with growing herbs in condo farms. I have teamed up with Rob to create the cond-farm growing portal.

This portal can show you how we work. We did health research on the health benefits of herbs. Then we give several recipes using the herb. And we teach the reader how he can grow the herb in his urban apartment.


Hello, my name is Rob. I am single. Living in the Philippines. I graduated from the University of the Philippines.

I am a doctor. But of  what? – of animals (Veterinarian).
After  many years of working as a veterinarian, I have become less influenced by what the pharmaceutical companies say. I am more open about health care that is not drug-based.

I may work with animals but I  believe that the principles of human and animal medicine are the same, to promote health and better living for both. I am passionate to research and write about these issues and share them through this portal.